The Art of Versatility Online Course 

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Course Description:

The Art of Versatility (AOV)  is a series of seminars tailored towards redefining excellence in a religious setting. Participants can expect to leave with newfound knowledge and skills in their quest to become a well-rounded church musician. Versatility is defined as the ability to change easily or to be used for different purposes.  Modern technology has crippled many today’s musicians are their ability to be versatile in the church arena. Music fundamentals, theory, technique is often neglected because many music leaders lack those skills. Heavy emphasis is placed on precise aural ability but not necessarily musical comprehension. 


The Art of Versatility will serve as a safe space for musicians, music leaders, pastors, and lay people to gather to learn skills that they can immediately use in their respective places of worship. Additionally, a new network of musical specialists will be gained through the successful completion of the seminar.